We live in a time of constant change. Work is and will continue to change dramatically. The way our youth learn, express themselves, socially engage and civically engage and what motivates them is changing dramatically. 

And yet, our institutions, policies, and tools are changing far too slowly. Our systems and institutions also do not iteratively adapt to the constantly changing context. Without dramatic re-design to our approach to learning and work, we risk widening the equity gap, failing to meet the needs of industry and raising an entire generation that is highly skeptical of the value of public institutions. We fundamentally risk our democracy.

LRNG believes in an ecosystem approach, rather than a single institution. The future of learning should be designed with the city as the core unit, rather than the single institution of schools. In order to create true ecosystems of learning and opportunity, we are working with more than 30 major partners and have a presence in the following cities:

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