At LRNG, we believe learners can best define their purpose when they are at the center of learning. LRNG expands access to meaningful employment and education by providing engaging experiences at the intersection of work and learning, and collaborating with communities to create conditions for learner success. 

As the community impact arm of SNHU, LRNG works with local government, employers, the public library systems, community colleges, or other local partners to open the door to new opportunities for residents and help close workforce gaps. Major national employers such as Amazon Web Services and Unity Technologies are joining in the effort, assisting in various ways with talent development needs.

At a time when many believe higher education inhabits the rigidly defined space between high school and workforce, we are redefining the boundaries and creating personalized pathways that give learners just the right learning, at just the right time, at just the right place in their lives. 

Our highly engaging platform, wraps together online and in person experiences, into playlists that equip learners with tangible skills and understandings that they can apply in academic and career settings.

Our Work Across Cities

SNHU and LRNG to work together with young people, cities, employers and community-based partners to identify workforce and learning needs and build digital badges, learning playlists and entire degree programs based on the needs of the youth and the needs of each partnering city.