LRNG’s goal is to enable young people to define their purpose and find paths to success. Through partnerships with communities, corporations, educators and young people, LRNG is building an equitable future of talent for the 21st century workplace that no longer leaves youth out, simply because of their zip code. LRNG’s innovative platform immerses youth in connected communities of practice. Through rich playlists and curated content, youth earn digital badges that unlock opportunities like micro-scholarships, internships and more.

In 2018, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and LRNG, two of the largest and most innovative education organizations in the country, merged to build a learning and workforce solution for cities and employers across the U.S.  SNHU is a national university committed to expanding access to higher education and transforming lives through flexible and affordable degree pathways. LRNG was built on curating the experiences, resources, and people needed to transform the way young people access and experience learning. Together, we are building a city-based strategy to provide learning and work opportunities for everyone from high school students to working adults.

This model is designed to address workforce needs and increase access to learning pathways for middle school-aged students through working adults at little-to-no cost using an urban eco-system approach that focuses on low-income populations.

What We Do

As the impact arm of SNHU, LRNG works with local government, employers, the public library systems, community colleges, or other local partners to open the door to new opportunities for residents and help close workforce gaps. Major national employers such as Amazon Web Services and Unity Technologies are joining in the effort, assisting in various ways with talent development needs.

At a time when many believe higher education inhabits the rigidly defined space between high school and workforce, we are redefining the boundaries and creating personalized pathways that give learners just the right learning, at just the right time, at just the right place in their lives.

Our online and in person experiences are all wrapped together into playlists that equip youth with tangible skills and understandings that they can apply in academic and career settings. The LRNG platform enables young people to access both local and national opportunities from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Youth find and pursue their interests with mentors and peers, build new skills and habits wherever and whenever they want.

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